KJ Rhyme

KJ Rhyme, born Feb 1st, 1990, is as rap vocalist, recording engineer, mixing engineer and producer from Geilo, Norway. Currently based in Oslo, Norway, KJ have spent 3 years studying Music Production at Noroff Institute and later at the Nordic Institute for Scene & Studio (NISS) in Oslo.

Further Introduction

KJ started rapping in 2004, as Uniqum, a moniker dropped as he changed his moniker to KJ Rhyme in 2009. The first recordings were in Norwegian, but the greater part of his career have been English-lingual. Right off the block, KJ put on all his songs onto mixtapes and started handing them out in the schoolyard to make a name, and over the years KJ have accumulated 9 mixtapes, 3 EPs and more than 200 songs under the Uniqum moniker.

First CDs

Not being a battle rapper, KJ is not known for seeking out other rappers, but while attending High School at Gol, he had a feud with another local rapper. Ironically, this beef was the reason people started noticing KJ locally. The Geilo native then used his newly gained momentum to release another one of his Mixtape CDs and shortly thereafter got offers to do party songs for the seniors (Russ). The year after KJ released “Second Chapter”, his second album-formatted CD. The CD were also the first to the pressed and sold. KJ sold them on hand, and the 250 copies sold out in 2 days.

Heavy Halling

After this, KJ had has first try at heavier forms of music through a metal, folk and rap outfit called Heavy Halling. The band competed in a national talent contest called UKM, and reached state finals before they recorded 2 of their songs in studio and being the warm-up act for Tone Damli Aaberge at Bygdalarm 2007. The band were later dismantled, as everyone in the band headed for new projects.

Salad Days

As KJ went back to rap, he released Salad Days. This is his last full-length effort to date. He started studying Music Production at the Noroff Institute and later at the Nordic Institute of Scene & Studio (NISS), and spent more time learning his craft thoroughly. Musically, he were held back by a insistent form of pneumonia throughout most of 2011.


Currently, KJ is based in Oslo, working as a music producer and recording/mixing engineer. Albeit having been quiet for a while musically, KJ is also working on his next full-length effort. The new CD is expected to be released in the fourth quarter of 2014.


Last updated, 7 june 2013

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